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11 Oct 2014

How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant  0

No matter what your field of expertise, this book will help you win clients through a variety of practical, proven techniques you’ll find only here. Packed with real-world, effective business-driving tactics–as well as up-to-the-minute advice on getting the most out of new technologies–this helpful guide will show you how to market yourself in new ways, soar over IRS hurdles, and grow your home-office operation into a thriving practice.

15 Jul 2014

Legal Loopholes: Credit Repair Tactics Esposed  0

It is estimated that over 80 million Americans are living with poor credit, and recent studies have shown that up to 79% of all credit reports contain errors. Use this recession-proof, guerilla-repair guide to quickly and legally repair your credit and improve your scores. Don’t pay credit repair companies thousands of dollars; do it yourself, and be fast on your way to owning the car or house of your dreams. Remove accurate negative information Boost your scores in as little as 72 hours Establish credit fast and easy Laws to stop creditors fast in their tracks Secrets the credit bureaus don’t want you to know Remedy identity theft in 4 days “Finally, a credit repair guide that delivers! I applied these legal-loopholes tactics and improved my credit score by over 100 points in less than 30 days! The author uses his legal background to shed light on the little-known provisions in the law, allowing you to legally and quickly repair your credit and boost your scores. Yet his simple approa

05 May 2014

Becoming An Acquisition Consultant  0

In Becoming an Acquisition Consultant, we explore how you can get started making money in real estate without cash or credit. The author, Raymond Daniels, gives you real world education to get you moving on the right path.

Explore how to find real estate investors, undervalued properties, work with real estate agents, and how to put together the best deals for your investors. Plus, Ray shows you how to make alternative investments into real estate!

Each chapter includes a no-frills approach to real estate investing and is perfect for the beginner or expert!

Included in this book are a Sample Finder’s Contract, an Options Contract, a Sale of Options Contract, Redacted HUD, and Glossary.

Unfortunately, due to Kindle’s structure, we can not include the bonus financial spreadsheets.

29 Apr 2014

Successful Consulting Practice  0

“[Weiss is] one of the most highly respected independent consultants in the country.”
―New York Post If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ve come to the right place. In Million Dollar Launch, bestselling author and superstar consultant Alan Weiss shows you how to get your business up and running―fast! Step by step, Weiss reveals how to create a revenue-producing practice quickly and successfully―while funds last and while support systems remain passionate. This is an indispensable guide to those critical first 90 days. Alan Weiss is the bestselling author of Million Dollar Consulting. He belongs to the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame and is the recipient of the National Speakers Association Council of Peers Award for Excellence, representing the top 1 percent of professional speakers in the world.